Accelerate your Supply Chain in a time of Disruption

On average, it takes 3 to 5 months to have a defined and scaled supply chain. For companies struggling with tight cashflow and dwindling supply, this timeline is not acceptable or survivable.
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) & Design for manufacturability review processes (this usually takes a couple weeks alone)
  • Figuring out which factory would make which part, managing feedback from factory, turning feedback into revised specs, assigning feedback and approving revisions
  • Tool up and validation
  • Filtering, tooling, programming for tiny components
  • Design repeatable manufacturing for all components
  • Proof and sample review to ensure designs are understood by build floor
  • Review sample with designers and manufacturers to ensure it is on spec
  • Put assembly together and make sure they all work
  • Validate and test the assembly
  • Roll production, assemble components, deploy assembly, align logistics
  • It consolidates all communications between all the layers of the supply chain into one platform, creating visibility, eliminating blind spots, and improving efficiency in the process.
  • A part of your supply chain is shut down and you are scrambling to find a replacement? Simply send out a new RFQ to Omnae’s network of active factories.
  • Worried about quality control? Omnae’s platform ensures ISO-9001 compliance throughout the process.
The key is to coordinate all the moving parts rapidly to get to market faster, all while adhering to existing quality standards. Creating a brand-new supply chain out of thin air in this time of extreme uncertainty is truly more about communication and good information than industrial might.



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