Adaptability is the Key to Creating Resilient Supply Chains

But first, what’s a Supply Web?

Each company has its own Supply Web — the nodes of the global whole they interact with. It is comparable to your own neighborhood in a vast city. This includes every node, from raw materials all the way to logistics that touch your product before it reaches its destination.

Resilience through Adaptability

  • Geopolitical, trade and tariff changes
  • Natural disasters
  • Human pandemics
  • Resource shortages
  1. Redundant Multi-sourcing. Ramping and maintaining multiple sources for any given product over time, in order to decentralize production and mitigate risks. This is a high-cost and proactive approach ideal for enterprise-scale manufacturers.
  2. Agile Multi-Sourcing. Having ready access to a large network of trusted sources that can respond quickly and reliably meet your expectations to ramp up production in the event of a disruption. This is a low-cost proactive approach ideal for small-to-medium OEMs.
  1. Scalability. Working sources that can grow with you over time from the very beginning, or have the ability to quickly and reliably find new sources as your company grows.
  2. Collaborative technology and data sharing. Proactively adopting innovative, collaborative technology will enable businesses to maintain centralized data, records, and communication when working with remote teams or ramping up multiple suppliers.
  3. A culture of employee adaptability. By creating a culture of continuous improvement and learning, employees will more easily adapt to changes in operations or technology.
  4. Consistent market research. Keeping up with consumer trends, new technologies, and strategies will ensure you stay up-to-date in competitive global marketplaces.

Finding the right mix of strategies and tools

Strategies for Supply Chain Resilience: A Definitive Guide for today’s Custom Manufacturer



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