Collaborative Technologies are Driving the Future of Supply Chain

Supply Chains of the future are collaborating

Internal Supply Chain Collaboration

  • CXOs — Gain full visibility into supply chains to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and make proactive decisions. Centralize oversight and reporting.
  • Engineers & Designers — Upload your specifications and collaboratively review and revise your products for manufacturability and manage NCRs.
  • Purchasers & Procurement — Source new vendors or work with existing partners. Submit RFQs, manage bids, and keep track of order statuses in one place.
  • Quality Management — Manage and report quality metrics for all your parts and partners and easily resolve NCRs.
  • Logistics Management — Track order progress and shipping, coordinate drop-shipments and manage billing and courier accounts.
  • Inside Sales and Customers Service — Find new customers or support existing ones. Receive and manage RFQs, bids, and quality inquiries.
  • Vastly reducing data entry and replication across multiple spreadsheets
  • Eliminating sending/receiving and potential misplacement of files and critical data via email
  • Creating visibility into entire product lifecycles

External Supply Chain Collaboration

  1. Large, resource-intensive ERP integrations
  2. Lightweight cloud-based SCM platforms
  • Data management procedures
  • Part Specifications
  • Revisions
  • Order Details
  • Pricing
  • Shipping and Delivery Dates
  • Quality Control
  • Forecasting
  • Strategic Adaptations

Global Supply Web Collaboration

  • Increasing efficiency with standardized processes
  • Creating visibility across the entire production of goods, from raw materials all the way to consumers
  • Distributing proactive warnings if there is a disruption anywhere in the supply web
  • Providing a competitive advantage to companies with provable reputable supply chains

The SCM technologies of the future are driven by collaboration



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