Supply Chain Brain features Omnae founder on how technology provides a crucial link in ethical supply chains

“With companies relying increasingly on complex global supply chains, their need for verifiable manufacturing ethics and supplier transparency is growing.” The current processes and tools used to execute, verify and manage ethical manufacturing are inefficient and outdated. However, there is hope for transformation — digital transformation.

We are honoured to be featured in Supply Chain Brain where Omnae CEO, Dan Lionello, discusses how new technologies, specifically networked digital tools, can help increase ethical compliance across three key areas in supply chains. Plus, how and why these tools can and must create visibility in supply chains at more than just a surface level.

“In today’s interconnected business environment, global visibility, standardization and credibility are no longer optional.”

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Building trust and transparency in the global supply web. Visit to learn more!

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Building trust and transparency in the global supply web. Visit to learn more!

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