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“When using the supply “chain” analogy to describe operations, complications arise as this linear system only allows for front- or back-end visibility.”

Omnae Founder and CEO, Dan Lionello talks about the importance of visibility in your supply chain, prompting us to take a different perspective on our outsourcing and manufacturing relationships.

“Blind spots within supply webs cost manufacturers money, time and valuable resources. Removing these limitations and promoting effective communication removes the risk of producing poor quality products or even receiving substandard results.”

Interested in his unique perspective? Read more here.

Supply chains come in all lengths and sizes, for every industry and exist in every part of the world. However, we don’t often think of supply chain development early enough when developing innovative ideas.

Our CEO, Dan Lionello, is a contributing author to publications relating to supply chain resiliency, fortification and the importance of building a strong supply web — but in this article, he’s written about widening our gaze on supply chain considerations and the importance of early involvement,

“….have you ever considered what underpins every single great invention? From widgets, to gadgets, to robots and rockets — it’s a supply chain that transforms napkin doodles into tangible products that can be used in the real world.

A healthy supply chain is to a new invention, what a healthy blood flow is to…

Hindsight is 2020 — and nothing could be more true when looking back on the year we all just had.

Omnae CEO, Dan Lionello, provides his unique perspective on the events of 2020 and how it has fundamentally reshaped the way businesses are operated, discovered, and engaged with. But, could we have been better prepared? Probably.

“COVID-19 has taught us many valuable lessons in only a few short months. From our personal lives to our business environments, we’ve learned the hard way that technology, adaptability and transparency are non-negotiable requirements for survival.”

Interested in his unique perspective? Read more here.

With growing consumer demands and an extremely lengthened supply chain, it may be easier than ever for companies to get swept up in unethical practices but there is also more accountability than ever before.

Associate editor Brielle Jaekel talks with Dan Lionello of Omnae on how to make sure your supply chain is ethical and how consumers are driving that accountability.

On ethical practices coming to light:

“The supply chains have been lengthening since the industrial revolution began… what we’re really seeing is the convergence of the internet and other ways of managing information much more quickly…”

“…I think what’s happening is that we have a much bigger lens being shone on things that have been happening literally for centuries.”

Listen to the interview here.

“With companies relying increasingly on complex global supply chains, their need for verifiable manufacturing ethics and supplier transparency is growing.” The current processes and tools used to execute, verify and manage ethical manufacturing are inefficient and outdated. However, there is hope for transformation — digital transformation.

We are honoured to be featured in Supply Chain Brain where Omnae CEO, Dan Lionello, discusses how new technologies, specifically networked digital tools, can help increase ethical compliance across three key areas in supply chains. Plus, how and why these tools can and must create visibility in supply chains at more than just a surface level.

“In today’s interconnected business environment, global visibility, standardization and credibility are no longer optional.”

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Collaboration is steadily emerging as a 21st-century buzz word within the manufacturing industry, but it is often plagued with generalized quasi-understanding. Is it data sharing? Is it software integrations? Is it minimalist iconography of shaking hands?

Collaborative Supply Chain Management can mean all of those things. Most importantly it means adopting tools and processes to develop meaningful, strategic, and mutually beneficial relationships with your internal team, your outsourced partners, and the global network of manufacturers.

Supply Chains of the future are collaborating

The supply chains of the world are rapidly decentralizing and becoming more complex and sophisticated. Manufacturing experts are beginning to look at their supply partnerships…

For any company that makes commodities, taking steps to create resilience in your supply web can make or break the survival of your business when confronted with unforeseen events. Creating supply web resilience means having processes, systems, and/or technologies in place to ensure the continued success and longevity of your supply and relationships over time.

In the manufacturing industry, resilience means one main thing: Adaptability.

But first, what’s a Supply Web?

You are familiar with Supply Chains — the linear view of the processes that contribute to the production of a commodity. …

The pandemic has disrupted supply chains across the globe, leaving some manufacturers to rethink everything from reliance on international suppliers to the way they use technology. Omnae Technologies Dan Lionello joins the show to discuss how COVID-19 has rapidly changed the way companies are approaching supply chains.

Hosted by: Tyler Orton, Business in Vancouver

Supply Chain Resilience

Omnae is a collaborative cloud-based SCM platform that manages the relationships, communications and information and quality with all your outsourced manufacturing partners. At Omnae, we are committed to doing all we can to help support the manufacturing industry. If you are struggling with damaged supply chains, please reach out to us to see how we can help you in this challenging time. Book a consultation today.

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside in many parts of the world, the manufacturing industry wakes up to a new bleak reality. Many companies have already gone out of business due to lack of demand through the pandemic, while others have lost their vendors and are now faced with a broken supply chain.

In an effort to revive their supply chain and reduce their business risk, many companies are looking to repatriate or geographically diversify their manufacturing processes and partners. Others will potentially have to redesign their products to only include parts that are readily available. These companies will…

For Omnae, responding to a global pandemic was never in our business plan. However, we recognized that we had a unique ability to offer aid to our communities during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. By pivoting our team to focus on utilizing pre-existing processes and relationships in outsourcing, Omnae was able to deliver these essential products faster than traditional sourcing methods and healthcare bureaucracy would allow.

The global scramble for PPE was well-publicized. The market was imbalanced and the learning curve was steep. Rapid education on product specification was key to navigate this new water quickly and with integrity…


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